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We are a group of filmmakers currently based in the greater Morgantown, WV area. From Wedding Videos to Feature Films we strive for excellence in every project. 




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What's Done is Done (Short)

The Promise (Short)

The Reunion (Short)

The Edge with Us (Short)

Shoreline (Short) 

Mormons in the Morning (Short)

Poontergeist (Short)

Other Maxes (Short)

Worth (Short)


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Sails is the working title for Shorelines first attempt at a film funded by Shoreline itself.  A story of the importance of maintaining relationships, and realizing what you have in the face of sudden obstacles.  Soon to be filmed in the Newark, Delaware region, helmed by the Shoreline team.

the edge with us

Beth wants to live with her brother Avery after her failed suicide attempt, but Avery may have to realize what is truly best for her, even if it isn't him.